Makeup & Hair

We highly recommend using a Professional Makeup Artist. It is well worth the money for the truly fantastic job one can do for you. (You are of course welcome to do your own makeup.) If you do choose to use a makeup artist don't foget to allow extra time (30-45 minutes) to have it done! Double that if your having your hair done as well.

Here are some tips if you plan on doing your own makeup:

- Lipstick should be at least one shade deeper than usual. Especially if your hair or clothing is black.

- Avoid frosted lipstick as it shows up very light in photos.

- Blush and eye makeup should be applied slightly heavier than normal but neatly and precisely.

- Eye shadow should be a shade lighter so that the eyes are brought forward.

- Use a powder-based makeup as oil-based makeup appears shiny, OR Use an application of powder to achieve a matte finish on the skin.

Prep Work

On the day of your shoot, don't forget to eat, but make sure it is a light meal to make you more comfortable.  Eating a piece of fruit before the shoot will help give you an energy boost, which you'll need as posing for each shot does take some effort. Also make sure you have something to drink to keep from getting dehydrated.  Having a bottle of water on hand during the shoot is a good idea too.

Try to plan your day out in advance, so that time doesn't ruin your experience:

- If you can, leave work early to allow for time for hair/makeup and to keep your stress down.

- If you have a hair/makeup appointment, book it far enough ahead of your shoot to leave some free time.

- Try to wear loose fitting clothes the day of the shoot to help reduce clothing marks.  The marks can take some time to leave and will waste some of the session time.

- Come to the appointment in loose fitting clothes.A button up shirt will help keep your hair and makeup undisturbed too.

- A clear deodorant is also advised to keep clothes free of marks (and also allow you a better range of poses!)

This is usually a bit of an adventure, so plan well and prepare to have some fun. We are always willing to answer your question so please email us if you have any!

Clothing & Wardrobe

Everyone has different tastes in clothing and wardrobe. This can even be very personal to some people.  Always bring what you are comfortable wearing as being confident and comfortable has a big effect in the outcome of the photos.

It is strongly advise to bring a wide variety of items that you are happy to wear.  While we do have a wardrobe we let our clients use, catering to all the different sizes, shapes and tastes is quite difficult.  We have clients who bring suit cases full of clothing to their sessions, just in case.

The truth is, you may choose to include anything you want in your session. You will never be asked to wear anything or pose in anyway that would make you uncomfortable. The list of things you can wear, bring or do is endless! 

Use your imagination and be creative! Quality Photos take some planning, and your choice in clothing is important. Make sure that your clothing is in good condition. (No holes or tears, that aren't supposed to be there!) Tags should be removed from items where they might be visible. They always show through sheer materials, and many non-sheer materials as well!

Sample Clothing

Not everything on this list is for everyone!  These are samples of thing you may want to bring, depending on the session you have purchased.

Something Casual

Jeans and t-shirt

Slacks and Blouse

Shorts and Tank Top

Sun Dress

Something Outdoors

Your hunting gear

Your bow

Motorcycle helmet

4 wheeler helmet or gear

Something to get muddy

Some Swimwear

bikini tops

bikini bottoms

bathing suit

cover ups

Anything beach related

Something Country




Faded Jeans


Something Sharp



Button up dress shirts

Dress shoes

Sports Coat

Evening Dress

Formal Dress

Something of his:

His favorite ball team sweatshirt or jersey.  

His favorite old shirt.

His golf clubs.

His hard hat

His hunting jacket

His overalls

His uniform

His work belt with tools

The tools of his trade

Something with class

A fur coat

A vest (Leather or Dressy)

An off the shoulder top

Fuzzy sweater

Hats and gloves

High heels

Stockings (various)

Sparly Blouse

Something sexy

Anything fishnet

Anything thin or transparent or tight

Body Stocking

Boy Shorts

Colorful panties and bra

Cutoffs that are too short

Lingerie - Baby Dolls, 

Thigh high stockings with or without garters

Thongs or tee backs

Sexy Dresses

Corsets or Bustier

Something different

Anything that he gave you

A vest, visor and playing cards

Bath Robe

Bath Towel

Tank shirts that are too short and/or tight

Tee shirts with rips or holes

Biker shorts

Tight shorts

Leather Jacket (leather anything really!)

Mini Skirt Scarfs (as an outfit!)

Silk boxer shorts

Something borrowed

Something funny

That special Halloween costume

The honeymoon outfit

The outfit you wear around the house

The school girl outfit

The tools of your trade

Western hat and boots

Workout outfit with dumbbells

Some props you might like

Any props from home

Any romantic items

Candles Flowers/Flower petals


Sun glasses

Wild jewelry

Wine glasses

Your favorite teddy bear

Strands of beads

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