Never fear I am always available to answer questions that you may have about any product, session or concept.  All communication is private and confidential.  Below you will see a list of commonly asked questions and the answers to those questions.  If you don't see your question, then please ask me via Facebook, email, text or call me.  Thank you.


Your packages do not have pricing on them. Why? My prices are determined by travel, hours needed to complete the session, hair and makeup needs and editing time needed.  Each session is priced separately to keep your costs down.  Please refer to my page Pricing Questions for more information. 

Can I bring someone with me?  If you feel nervous, you are allowed to have a friend at the shoot. (Boyfriends or husbands are usually not a good idea, but are allowed. A girlfriend or sister is a better choice.) You may even plan to split a session with a friend.

I do not have a computer and my images look funny. Can you help me?  Not all smart phones are smart.  There are times that when you download the image, it is sized to fit your smart phones screen size.  This means a high resolution images is crushed to make it fit.  While it looks good on your phone, when you enlarge it, it becomes pixelated or blurry.  We can fix this situation by putting all the images on a CD.  If you require a CD please let me know upfront as this will make everything flow a little easier. 

Can I post these photos on my website, Facebook, Instagram, etc?  As long as my watermark remains in contact, 99% of the time there is no problem in doing this. There are a handful of sessions where this will not be allowed, but you will be notified up front.

I want photos done, but I don't want them to be shown to the public.  Can you do this? Absolutely! Please inform me of this prior to pricing the project. These types of sessions are a little more expensive as I loose marketing material.  These photos will only be seen by you and whoever has the gallery password.  

I have no idea of what to wear!  This is not a problem. This is one of the reasons I use Pinterest.  We can design a shoot based on clothing available to us.  For more information on this, please visit my Wardrobe Questions page.

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